Birds, bird photos, and bird tid-bits. If you like birds but don’t know much about them but would like to, you may find this blog interesting. I hope so.
I am a bird photographer. That means that I do everything differently from a true, genuine Birder (Twitch, if you live in the U. K.) I do not keep lists, I don’t own bird binocs or spotting scopes, I don’t stop to I.D the bird before I photograph it. I don’t stay far away from the birds, I sit and wait for them to come to me. (Sometime I sit and wait and they don’t come .) When they do, I try to capture their flight, their emotions, a bit of their life, with my cameras. While sitting and waiting I have been approached by many hikers and walkers who have asked me, “What is that bird over there,” or, “what is that bird doing?” Those questions prompted me to begin writing short articles for the Silver Express, a monthly newspaper for Senior Citizens.  The articles have been well received but the photos, being in black and white, didn’t show the beauty of the birds the way I wanted.  So I decided to publish the articles in a blog where the photos would be in color and where I could expand the articles a bit.


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